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For the best chance of getting pregnant, you need to get your eggs and your partner's sperm together as often as possible. More than 8 out of 10 couples where the woman is aged under 40 will get pregnant within one year if they have regular unprotected sex. More than 9 out of 10 couples will get pregnant within two years.

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Boy meets girl. It's the first part of any romantic comedyand as rom-com fans will tell you, the best part. One of the laws of rom-com world is that our two romantic leads will always meet in a cute and interesting way.

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In a row that has gripped the community and prompted wider debate about the contemporary value of single-sex educationthe council will vote on 28 November on whether Notre Dame high school should become coeducational for the first time in more than a century. With parents and local residents split on the issue, both sides are pledging to continue lobbying councillors until the final votes are cast in a long-running battle that has led to the formation of two opposing campaign groups: Girls for Notre Dame and Notre Dame High for All. But co-ed campaigners argue that the school should be open to local families — parents currently have the option of a mixed secondary but on the far side of the catchment area, across busy roads.

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How long should good sex last? Well, that depends. In other words, sex is different for every couple. And, as couples age and grow together, their sexual needs change and deepen.

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A scientist, though, would phrase the same question in an almost comically obscure way: What is the mean intravaginal ejaculation latency time? Measuring an average time to ejaculation is not a straightforward matter. What about just asking people how long they takeyou say?

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Vaginal sex typically lasts three to seven minutes, according to a Society for Sex Therapy and Research member survey. So how long should vaginal sex actually last? Many people consider the end of sex to be once all involved parties have climaxed.

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You came here looking for an answer, and an answer I will give you: Sex should last one hour, 34 minutes, and 22 seconds—the exact runtime of Wayne's World. Shyeah, right! Marathon sex sessions are used as a measurement of just how steamy an evening was.

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Premature ejaculation is the name given when a man ejaculates either before, or a very short time after, entering the vagina. It's a major concern for many blokeswith 30 per cent of lads reporting to have been affected by the condition last year. A study has shown that the size of a man's stomach may well be a better indicator of how long he can keep it going in the sack.

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While quickies are great and all, sometimes you want something that lasts a little longer. FWIW, research has shown that around 45 percent of men ejaculate within two minutesand a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that sex lasts about 5. If you and your partner would like to increase the amount of time spent boning, read on for some expert advice.

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As the 77 million baby boomers who brought us the sexual revolution inexorably age, they will face a striking paradox. The ignorance, prejudice, and silence about sex and sexuality they fought so hard to upend are still alive and well in old age. We are a people reluctant to contemplate sex and aging together in the same thought, and even more reluctant to speak of it.


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