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I'm so excited That I have been invited To a party, I'm delighted That I am not a Tetris piece, mostly unrequited The tallest of the pieces I have fighted And now the fire in my belly has been so ignited Boom! My phone is blowin' up So I'm rollin to the party goin 'sup All my friends hangin round pilin' up Waitin' for the main man to back up and go yup I'm the fuckin' Long Piece, hell yeah! Yo, Long Piece, welcome to the party man, grab a beer!

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Verse 1: Peezy I'm quick to move oranges with no problem Facts I'm quick to fuck a super bad bitch without no condom Get a half a brick and dance on it like I'm Sada Let it dry sittin' on the counter I cook better than my momma I'm quick to fly to Oakland, met my nigga at Crustacean Talk about some millions shrimp and lobster on the table Killers owe me favors, I looked out when he wasn't able Told Gary make my new kit all white he think I'm racist Quick to get some money I ain't pressed about no hoes I can borrow a hunnit K from Tee if I get low Come get it Thinkin' bout that Lamb truck, I really want that Ghost They gon' fuck around and indict my ass again if I get both Ahhh Blocks of money sittin' on the table like its Tetris Drop some money on a nigga head who talkin' reckless I ain't got no deal, never had no platinum record Quick to bust my Rollie down and drop 30 on my Neckless. Verse 2: Tee Grizzley I'm quick to jump on jets like these niggas jump in Ubers I'm quick to spend a hunnit on my wrist now it look stupid Surprised I don't got pneumonia from this fuckin Cuban I can go and do a show and drop new Patek like Lil Uzi Quick to see potential take a youngin out the dime trap Hit him with a load, Do yo thang, just bring mine back. Some niggas run off, hide out, get they momma whacked Them choppa bullets they be Hellcats, you can't Dodge that Old ops like my new watch, bitches skeleton Went to IceBox and got lit up like Thomas Edison Still live when you reach for that you just cheated death The Half Tee half Beast chain was 50 sheets of meth Quick to ask your bitch what she gone for these 2 thousand Stacks piled in the closet, is that money or a mountain Joy road nigga drink Texas blow Compton Kid report that choppa stolen it won't come back when we drop him.

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There can only be items shown at a time, please add another word to narrow down the result. I ain't Bounce ene and I fuck your queen playing Pastor Troy Our weed ready turkey spaghetti and caster oil That's codeine turn your guillotine to a fashion

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Translate Email Print. Internet Thug 7. Poor Lonesome Thrasher 8.

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So I was takin' a walk the other day, and I seen a woman, a blind woman pacin' up and down the sidewalk. She seemed to be a bit frustrated, as if she had dropped somethin' and havin' a hard time findin' it. So after watching her struggle for a while, I decide to go over and lend a helping hand, you know?

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Happy hardcore is a form of dance music typified by a very fast BPM usually aroundoften coupled with male or female vocals, and saccharine lyrics. In its original incarnation, it was often characterised by piano riffs, synth stabs and spacey effects. This genre of music is closely related to the typically Dutch genre of Gabber. Happy hardcore evolved from rave music aroundas the original house music-based rave became faster and began to include breakbeats, evolving into breakbeat hardcore.

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This motherfucker's on the brink of insanity Couldn't win the battle if the judges was his family Say you studied my style it makes me wonder buddy Cos you not even good enough to be my understudy I swear to god, you need to do research I'd look down his throat, but it would stain my t-shirt! J-U-Ice is the sickest You got an afro and dreads like Wilson nigga pick it Ima do this, he can't get with me yo You better kick some shit that's twice as ill as Chino Cos if you don't, I'm actual Here's a super-dope nigga dissing Supernatural J-U-Ice is, on the mic and I'm gone rip it?? Still heard albums with the lyrics on my snippet??

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Tetris is a simple game developed by communists in which the player arranges blocks with the goal of scoring points. Unlike similar IRL games played by infants, it is absolutely pointless. Also, in some of the newer versions, keep spinning the block forever so it will never touch down.


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