Teen breast and nipples

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Last time, we took a break from female bodies and talked about penises. Breasts are kind of like fingerprints — no two people are exactly the same, despite the glossy images we see on red carpets and in magazines. The reality, however, is a lot more flabbier, hairier, bumpier, and more uneven than pop culture would suggest.

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Your hormones throw off your emotional mojo, your breasts are growing, and all of the sudden, hair is everywhere. And thanks to mom, sex ed, or your doctor, you may be well informed about the basics of hair growth during puberty. Is this normal?

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Fluid leaking from one or both nipples when you are not breastfeeding is called nipple discharge. Clear, cloudy, or white discharge that appears only when you press on your nipple is usually normal. The more the nipple is pressed or stimulated, the more fluid appears.

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Because breasts are glands, they can occasionally secrete fluids, even when a woman has never been pregnant. Benign illnesses, not cancer, are more likely to be the cause of nipple discharge. But only a visit with your physician or gynaecologist can give you peace of mind. Unless a woman is lactating, the fluid secreted is referred to as nipple discharge.

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EVER looked down and noticed spots on your boobs? But if you start to noticed more drastic changes in your breast, like continuous spots, a change in colour or lumps, then you need to see a doctor straight away. The most serious reason you might notice spots on your boobs is breast cancer - and requires immediate attention.

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Nipples, as well as the shape and size of the mammary glands, vary from woman to woman. They can be large or small, pale or dark, different in shape protruding, inverted, flatlooking up or down. According to statistics, the majority of women have protruding nipples sticking out a few millimeters above the areola in the usual state, and a little further when a woman is aroused.

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THEY come in all different shapes and sizes - every woman is different. Don't worry, it might not be cause for alarm if you look down and suddenly realise they are darker than you remember. For the most part it's normal for a woman's nipples to change colour at different stages of her life.

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Home Breast Health. Once your boobs are fully developed, they look and feel about the same throughout your 20s and into your early 30s. The round mounds are covered in tight, smooth skin and they may feel firm because of the dense tissue that makes them up.

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Here's an overview of the major physical changes girls can expect as they go through puberty:. Girls usually begin puberty between the ages of 8 and 13 years old. The earliest sign of puberty in most girls is the development of breast "buds," nickel-sized bumps under the nipple.

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Both boys and girls show changes in their breasts at puberty. The areola or area around the nipple increases in size in both sexes but to a lesser extent in boys than in girls. However true breast development is very common in boys and a small amount of breast tissue occurs in more than a third of boys at the stage of mid and late puberty, often moreso on one side than the other which also happens in girls. Such breast changes often cause mild pain or tenderness and may produce a small lump or cyst behind the nipple, just as is happening to your son.


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