Pre-trial preparation in computer pornography cases

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If you are or a loved one is facing a possession of child pornography charge, you need to speak to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. These charges are very serious, and they carry a stigma. They require an attorney with the skills and expertise to handle them, and see them all the way through.

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As an IT pro, it's possible that you may be called to testify as an expert witness in cybercrime cases if your training and expertise qualify you. Deb Shinder tells potential expert witnesses what to expect and how to prepare. In the U.

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The proliferation of adult websites has made anyone who has ever visited one susceptible to a charge of possession of child pornography. The content of adult web sites changes on an hourly basis. The website that had no pictures of children last month could have tens of thousands this month.

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Prosecutors in a politically charged child-pornography case have asked a Russian court to convict Yury Dmitriyev, a historian and activist who says he is innocent, and sentence him to nine years in prison. The newspaper Novaya Gazeta quoted Dmitriyev's lawyer, Viktor Anufriyev, on March 20 as saying that the case should not have been brought to trial at all. Anufriyev said that medical and forensic experts determined in February that his client was not a pedophile and that 49 nude photographs of Dmitriyev's foster daughter, on which the case against him was built, were not pornography.

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Joseph A. Sannes, Esq. He presents an omnibus motion seeking the following relief: 1 suppression of all physical evidence seized directly or indirectly from defendant; 2 suppression of defendant's statements; 3 a protective order permitting defendant to possess the contraband material at issue herein during the pendency of these criminal proceedings; 4 dismissal of the indictment; 5 an order directing the government to produce all " BradyKyles and Bagley-Giglio material;" 6 an order directing the government to provide expert witness disclosure; and 7 an order permitting "renewal of motions.

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An exhibit is a document or other thing shown to a witness and referred to by the witness in evidence. At common law it is within the power of, and is the duty of, constables to retain for use in court things which may be evidence of crime, and which have come into possession of constables without wrong on their part R v Lushington ex p Otto [] 1 QB Under the Code of Practice issued under part 2 of the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Actany police officer investigating alleged crimes has a duty to record and retain material which may be relevant to the investigation.

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United States District Court, E. Virginia, Alexandria Division. Anthony J.

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Skip to content. Nevin — August 19, Many aspects of pretrial practice remain paper-based. The Future of U. Cannon, James J.

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Prior to passage of the Adam Walsh Act indefense attorneys and their forensic computer experts generally received — subject to a protective order — a complete forensic copy of the computer hard drive — including the child pornography — so the defense expert could do a complete and effective forensic analysis of the hard drive in his own lab with his own tools on his own schedule and on such short notice as he and the other members of the defense team might find necessary. Requiring such discovery was the practice of most, if not all, courts until passage of the Adam Walsh Act, as illustrated by the opinion by Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Kozinski, sitting by designation in the district court, in United States v. HillF.

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To a first very approximation, the purpose of the court system is to resolve disputes related to law in a predictable way. Disputes may be between individuals, or between entities including the government ; disputes may be over contracts, or civil or criminal law, or common law. A trial or "case" is a judicial proceeding in which facts of a controversy are presented in a technical, legal form for decision making.


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