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Would Chris Evans have been cast as Captain America had he not starred in this maligned teen classic? Both parts of that statement are at least partially false. Spoofs, by their very nature, are always looking at the past over their shoulder.

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The new teen-movie parody, "Not Another Teen Movie," leaves one speechless - and not because it's particularly bad or unexpectedly good. There simply isn't anything to say about it - good or bad. What's there to say, except that you recognize everything on screen because each moment has been seen at least a dozen times before.

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If not for the projectile diarrhea joke and outrageously disgusting incest references, "Not Another Teen Movie" could almost pass itself off as a serious teen movie. Teen-themed movies have desperately needed a good parody. The movie begins with a tasteless vibrator joke and proceeds to get more disgusting.

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But of course, someone nicknamed "The Rock" is a star athlete on the cherished Boston Rebels football team. Thoughtful, except she forgot to put the blender lid on. Before Adam Sandler started filling his movies with friends, he was in films that were funny, sharp and entertaining.

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The teacher, interrupted by a burst of flatulence from one of his students and a burst of laughter from the rest of them, launches into an impassioned tirade against the younger generation's sense of humor. Meanwhile, three clumsy, sex-crazed freshmen are perched in an air duct above the girls' bathroom, where they witness a young woman's intestinal distress. One's response to this scene is anticipated by the title of the movie in which it occurs.

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Everybody Knows Everything - Sprung Monkey. Footloose - Good Charlotte. Friends - Sprung Monkey.

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Following hard on the heels of the Wayans brothers' Scary Movies s, Joel Gallen's directorial debut, Not Another Teen Movie parodies another teen-oriented genre: high school films. These are as obvious a choice for parody as horror films, as both have well defined narrative parameters and a closet full of generic conventions. For every if you'll excuse the gratuitous quoting of Scream 's Sidney Prescott"stupid girl running up the stairs when she should be running out the door," there is her teen flick counterpart, the awkward, shy girl who will blossom into a prom queen.

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Accompanied by my homegrown consultant on teenage movies, I suffered through "Not Another Teen Movie" with my year-old daughter Jamie. Her instant "zero star" verdict on this ridiculous parody of 20 or more films conforms to and confirms my opinion. During a year when two-thirds of this column's reviewed movies merited three or more hard-to-earn stars, it is unfortunate to close with a film that— by any standard — crosses the line.

Janey longer takes delight in the Freddie Prinz Jr. In the DC they assemble at the front of the bed. The next shot of Janey in the bed is a different one in each case.


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