/Serious Eye Candy: Singer Porsche 911 Oregon

Serious Eye Candy: Singer Porsche 911 Oregon

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Granted, all of Singer’s 911s, every single one of them, are proper eye candy. But we call this one, the Singer Porsche 911 Oregon Commission ‘serious’ because it is one of the more-business-like models they’ve done. It is designed for a serious, no-nonsense gentleman. 

Let us elaborate that point a little bit. Over the years Singer has done a great many of their super exclusive 911s. Because these cars are bespoke to the individuals who order them, Singer has to paint them in whatever color those people desire. So we have a baby blue Singer 911, and one that is painted a ghastly shade of brown best described as baby poop. But Singer Porsche 911 Oregon features a very dignified dark green paint job inspired by classic 911 colors.

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What’s more, this bad boy does not have the wide fenders or big rear spoiler we’ve seen on a number of other Singer 911s. Not that those features are bad. Not at all. They are appealing in their own unique way. Singer Porsche 911 Oregon is designed to look cool and classy, and it achieves that through simplicity of style. It features all the delightful little details we like in s Singer, but they are subtle and understated.

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The same can be said of the interior of this car, even though the color scheme is lush and luxurious. The beige theme works really well with the darker accents of the cabin and makes the signature Singer highlights really pop. The awesome design of the seats, the unique steering wheel and instrument cluster, and the superb dashboard which is a modern interpretation of the vintage 911 dash. Enjoy…

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