/Would You Pay $100K for This Porsche Exclusive Paint Job?

Would You Pay $100K for This Porsche Exclusive Paint Job?

porsche exclusive paintjob 600x360 at Would You Pay $100K for This Porsche Exclusive Paint Job?

Well, someone has paid that much (82,645 Euro, to be exact, which is about $100K) for the Porsche Exclusive “Chromaflair” Phyton Green paint work on this Turbo S, potentially setting a bad precedent. From now on Porsche can charge pretty much what they want for a pot of paint and some extra varnish.

Still, if you have the money and you fancy a special and unique paint work for your Porsche, you should go ahead and get one. And if we’re honest these Porsche Exclusive paint jobs are actually very high-end works with multi layers of paint and multi stages of checks and buffing and what not to get that awesome glossy finish. You can watch the process for yourself in the video below:

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If we were to blow a hundred grand on a one-off paint job we wouldn’t go for this snot green to be honest with you. But then again, the point of these exclusive treatments is not to make your beautiful or exquisite, but to make it stand out. And on that front we reckon this shade works well. There will be more unique Chromaflair paint jobs though, so hopefully we will soon see one that is both unique and cool.


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